My collection is online!

A long year of lockdown will finally have been enough to update 166 cameras’ and 44 lenses’ pages, translate all those to get a bilingual website, go through image modification for a bunch of the oldest pictures…

My collection is finally online on! Click below and check it out now!

Click to access my new Collection site!

Still here? Here is a bit more about what’s there:

  • A vintage cameras collection, obviously, but not only. The pages contain technical informations for each camera, and links to other references on my site or Sylvain Halgand’s
  • A vintage lenses collection, along the compatible cameras.
  • A bibliography, mostly in French, that has been of help in identifying and learning the specificities of all the listed items.
  • An advanced browsing experience, allowing to go from a camera to its maker, from the maker to its lenses, from the lenses to the compatible cameras, etc., brought to you by the magic powers of Omeka S.

Like all collections, this catalog will constantly evolve. I already have 4 new (fun) items waiting to be introduced.

This is also an amateur’s work, so use it with caution. Please feel free to point out the errors you’ll encounter: comment here or contact me through my social accounts.

Bonne visite !

Author: Laurent

In his thirties, film photography amateur, vintage cameras collector, precision DIY hobbyist.

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